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~*The Bio*~

I never really liked anime or dragon ballz and all those cartoons until my best friend wouldn't leave me alone about them so I have to say I have to thank her for getting me to start to like them. Gia and I have known each other are whole lives and didn't know it until fate kicked in I guess. I think my life would be hell without her :) I love her to death! My whole life is in two worlds. There's the literal world and then there's my world which no one can or probably will never understand. In the literal world I'm very active and usually always have something to do. If I don't then I amuse myself and make myself busy. I stay active mostly by playing sports. I play volleyball, basketball,softball,tennis, and swimming. I've played volleyball and basketball for 3 years now and I used to like basketball more, but now I'm starting to like volleyball more. I played softball last year and decided this year to try another sport so I played tennis this year and did better than I thought I would. I've swam ever since 5th grade. It has to be one of the toughest sports. True dedication I tell ya. I might not continue it next year. Still debating that question. I attend a very small high school. More like extremely teeny high school especially compared to the high schools of most of the people reading this. Theres only 20 some people in my class. Now that's small. I get an education and do well maintaing a 4.0 but with my college class i take it drops it down to like a 3.8 or 3.9. It doesn't have the best quality of education but it'll do. I have a younger brother that's 13 going to be 14 this june. I also have an older sister that's 19 and will be having her first son very very soon!!! I'm excited! Gia could also be considered my sister she's here often enough and lives at the house enough :) My dad is a very quiet man but has been surprising us all and talking more and more each day GO DAD! My mom died when I was in the third grade I have a poem written about her that is posted on the site. My grandmother has lived with us ever since my mom died. She made a promise to her to help take care of us. Now she's taking of her mother my great grandmother as well whose 103!! My grandpa I never knew on that side of the family. He died of a heart attack before I could meet him. My grandma and grandpa from my dad's side of the family live out in Selma near Fresno California and they both have recently passed away. I have a cat named Ashes but Gia has renamed it to be Icarus. I also have a long haired chiuaua (don't know how to spell them things) named Koby. He's tiny but cute! We don't need to get into the rest of my family. They're so diverse and interesting and if you really want to know about them you can just ask i'll be glad to tell ya stories. I enjoy doing many things. One of my favorites is dancing. Some say I do that all too well if you know what I mean. I could take it up as a career well at least to help pay for college lol :) I also enjoy giving massages. My thumb is very weird and can do weird things so it helps in my massages. I'm quite known for them. There's not too much to do in Ashtabula the small town i live in so a lot of my other favorite things to do are just hanging with my friends and making an ass of myself because I really don't care what other people think of me anymore because I'm most likely going to leave this town and no one will probably ever see me again especially with my class I'll never get called for a reunion so I will just make my life all the more enjoyable for myself :) I consider myself to be a fun person and you never know what I'll do or say next. Now if you can remember from what I said before the previous statement goes along with that. My other world. My minds a mystery along with everyone else's. It works in strange mysterious ways. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't but hopefully all its choices are good because I really don't need my life anymore screwed up then it already is! I've written a lot here so if you want to know more just email me or contact me somehow and I'd be happy to talk with you. Guys i'm single and looking so feel free to drop me a line hehe :) lol I hope you all find our page very enjoyable!!! Love ya all bunches!!!

~*Contact Info*~

My email address is l353@hotmail.com (The first letter is a lower case "L")

My Icq number is 52740074 and my Icq name is le-chan.

On Msn Messenger, my email address is above and my name is Nkְ