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Hi all! and welcome to the Fanart section! Please feel free to send in your art work Here. To view a picture larger, click on the small one. Hit the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page after viewing the enlarged art.Thanks!!

V꣰ 's Art

I spend my life away drawing...even in school...thats all i do...lol =)

Nkְ's Art

Ninjagirl's Art

Ninjagirl read my story "The World She Never Knew" and drew these for me! They are of Miria Pan, and my character Cyrus. You NEED to look at these they are GREAT! You can contact Ninjagirl Here.

Zirta's Art

Yet again a GREAT artist! I love her artwrok to death! You can visit her webpage Here. The page is in spanish, but you can still find her artwrok easily. You can e-mail Zirta here

Jewels-chan's Art

This pic. was drawn for me by Jewels-chan for her Kiriban contest. It's a contest that if you get a designated number on her hit counter she will draw a pic for you! I'm thinking aobut starting one up when I find some free time. Go to Jewels homepage and try your luck with her kiriban contest. Click here