V꣰ 's Fanfiction

Misery WithinMisery Within is a story about the loss of love and true friendshipPg-13
The World She Never KnewThe World She Never Knew is a story about Miria Pan and her adventure back to the past *Updated*R
Lost SoulsLost Souls deals with someone haunting Juuhachi-gou's pastPg-13
Untitled: A True Love's DevotionLEMON WARNING!! Goten and Bra ficNc-17
Never had a Dream Come TrueLEMON WARNING!! Pan and Trunks ficNc-17
When Angel's Wings CollideLEMON WARNING!! Paresu fic. If I say anymore it would give it away *New*Nc-17

Nkְ's Work

Nkְ's Work may not be fanfiction, but are truly beautiful! They are very moving piece's of art! Take the time to read them, and I'm sure that you will like what you find!

Mom, Who are you?A very beautiful PoemG
My LifeA look into my life. Deals with growning up in a catholic house.Pg
The story of a friendIt's the story of a friend. :PG
The tale of a friendIt's the tale of a friend.G
Within your eyesDeals with a look into a close friends life.G

SSJ 4's Fanfiction

Ssj 4's home page is Jenny's Homepage you can email her at Jenny

It's the way you make me feelA sweet Goten and Bra fic! =pPg
Only Dende Knows How Much I Love You.Another Great Goten and Bra Fic!!G

Ssjpanbra's Fanfiction

A new author here at Two Saiyans and an Android. You can get in touch with Ssjpanbra about The Five-day Party email her at here

The Five-Day PartyA/U Next-Gen Z FicPg