Misery Within Chapter 3

By: ðįVïÐê£įð

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A/n: 10 years ago, Pan fell in love with Ubuu. The Son family had a hard time dealing with this because Pan had gotten pregnant. She and Ubuu ran away together. You'll pick up on the rest.

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Luckily for Goten, the airport wasn't far from Capsule Corp. Goten was there with at least 10 minutes to spare. Goten stood by the gate of the plane Bra was to be arriving on. He was at a loss of words for the first time in his life.

"How do you tell someone that there Otousan died?" Goten said aloud not expecting an answer, but to his surprise someone did.

"Looks like youíre in a pretty uncomfortable situation."

Goten jumped at the voice. It was so familiar, yet he couldn't place it. Slowly, he turned towards the voice; he couldn't believe who he saw.

"Pan? Oh Kami I havenít seen you in years. "

"Ha. Well it was hard when no one would except my love for Ubuu."

"Pan-chan, you didn't have to run away. Do you know how hard it was on your Tousan? He almost killed himself. He searched for you ki everyday, we all did, even Vegeta had helped....."

Pan sensed the change in her Uncles tone. She knew something was up.

"Has...Has something happened?"

Goten softly chuckled. The tone of his voice sent shivers down his spine.


"Has something happened....Well a whole lot of SHIT HAS HAPPENED! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK? YOUíVE BEEN GONE FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS! DID YOU THINK NOTHING HAD HAPPENED? KAMI PAN, YOU WERE 13 WHEN YOU RAN AWAY. Did you really think that nothing would happen?"

Goten broke down. For the first time in her life she saw her uncle cry.

"Gomen ojisan but I..."

"Don't call me ojisan. As far as I'm concerned my niece is dead."

Pan couldn't believe what she just had heard. Goten saw the tears filling her black eyes.

"Kuso Pan..How could you do that to all of us? Your Tousan didn't care that you liked Ubuu. He just wanted you to wait till you were older to marry him. He loved Ubuu like the son he never had. But you left us. You don't know what you did to our family. Your Ojiisan died over the pain. Chi-chi cries all the time over you. Your poor Okasan was on the brink of insanity. The whole family went to hell. Even the Briefs were falling apart over you. Do you know how many years Trunks searched for you? He never really excepted the fact that you left him. You donít know what he went through."

"Iíve wanted to go see everyone, but Iíve been to scared. Itís not fair that my child had to grow up without a family."

"Thatís your own fault Pan. If you had waited a little longer everyone would have gotten used to the idea. I really donít fell like talking about this Pan, I have a lot on my mind."

"Oh? Would you mind if I asked you what?"

"I have to tell someone something truly devastating."

"Ah. I take it thatís who you here to pick up?"


"And might I ask who are you here to pick up?"

"Youíll find our soon enough, the plane just landed."

With that Goten ended their conversation. He had been distracted by Panís appearance. He never got a chance to think of what he was going to say to Bra. Having to tell Bra was bothering him. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her. He was feeling very strange about seeing Bra again, but he didnít know why. Soon people started to pile off of the plane. Then he saw her. His breath caught in his throat.

"Oh Kami, sheís changes! Wow." Goten thought. "She looks like an angel."

Goten had turned to say something to Pan when he realized that she was gone. He chuckled softly to himself.

"Kami sheís good at these disappearing acts."

His train of thought was quickly interrupted when he felt a slight tap on his shoulder. Shacking himself out of his own little world, his attention shifted to the woman in front of him.

"Itís good to again B-chan"

"Like wise Goten"

She had changed so much over a yearís time. She had become more beautiful than he had ever imagined was possible. His whole world seemed to stop when he looked into her sapphire eyes. When she hugged him, it sent electricity through his body. He had never had these feelings before and didnít know what to expect of them.

"Well B-chan we better get your luggage and head out."

"Oh no need. I capsulized my luggage before I left."

With that Goten and Bra headed for the car. Bra could sense that Goten was nervous but she couldnít put her finger on a reason. She decided that she would wait to ask them till they were alone.



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