Untitled: A True Loveís Devotion

By: ðįVïÐê£įð

A/N: THIS IS A LEMON!!! Itís between Goten and Bra, so it also deals with sex between an adult male and a teen/pre-adult female. I wrote this story for the love involvedÖnot the sex. If you donít like lemons, PLEASE donít read this. This is my first lemon, so please go easy on me! Thanks~ ðįVïÐê£įð



She ran. She ran away from everything she had known. They didnít love her, no one did. Not her mother, not her brother, or even her father. And sure as hell, her boyfriend didnít either. Of course what would make him any different? Her own family didnít care for her. They didnít even want her around. It was always ĎHoney, Iím to busy in the lab to go shopping, I know I promised, but I just canít get away todayí, or ĎSis, there is just to much to do today at the officeí. But her favorite one was ĎBrat, donít you know when to quite bothering me? Youíre just like that baka woman!í She had every intention of killing herself to make the pain go away. Yes, thatís what she would do! Then they all would be sorry for the way they treated her. She would make them regret every time they broke a shopping trip, a lunch date or just spending ten minutes with her. They would see, there no longer would be any more shopping trips, lunch dates or the ten minutes to spend. It would all be over soon. She knew the perfect way to end all of this! She would fly over to the Sonís house and see if any of the boys were sparing. Surely there would be some debris from their battle; she would just happen to get in the way of it. But much to her dismay, when she arrived at the Son household, there were only two people in sight. Goten and Paris. And from the looks of it, they werenít very happy with each other. Instead of interrupting their argument, she flew quietly to the brush near by. She could hear them yelling. Hell, she was pretty sure the whole world could hear. And then it happened. Paris said it. It was over between them. Upon leaving, Paris placed a slap right across Gotenís face calling him "A cunt eating ass-whole" on her way to her car. Bra sat and watched Gotenís face as she drove off. So hopeless and full of dismay, much like her own. Shortly after the ordeal, Bra went up to Goten to see if he and her brother were planning on sparing later that day.

"Bra! When did you get here?"

"If you are asking if I was here before Paris left, the answer is yes."

"Oh. So I take it you heard everything?"

"Yes. I was on my way here to ask if you and Trunks were planing on sparing later? My mother wants to know."

"I doubt it. Trunks doesnít have time for me anymore. He the big president now."


Goten could see the disappointment in her eyes. He hadnít seen Bra in a long time, and was very suprised to see how much she had matured over the past year. She was no longer the little girl that once followed his every move. He quickly had to shake himself from his thoughts, for they were turning impure.

"Bra, would you like to come in? We havenít seen each other in a long time. We really need to catch up."

"What? Oh sure."

Goten turned and led Bra into his house and sat down on his sofa. She just stood there, so he motioned for her to sit. She seemed so distant. He hadnít seen her in over a year, but he still could tell something was wrong. He shared some kind of bond with Bra that almost let him know exactly what she was feeling.

"Bra, whatís wrong?"

"Huh? Oh. ItísÖits nothing really."

"Bra donít lie to me. Just tell me whatís wrong."

That was so like Goten. He was having problems of his own, but he still cared about others. He was so loving and thoughtful. Not to mention good looking. Why couldnít someone like him love her? Bra was truly thinking to hard, for instead of keeping her thoughts to herself she realized that she had said everything out loud.

She saw the look on his face; he was in a total shock. She got up to leave but he stopped her. He found himself giving in to his impure thoughts. He brought her into his arms. He gently brought her lips to his and kissed her slowly and passionetly. At first Bra didnít respond too much, and Goten was afraid that she wasnít going to at all, but all of a sudden her arms wrapped around his neck and she leaned into the kiss. This totally caught Goten off guard, and they fell backwards onto the coach. Bra and Goten lay there and laughed momentarily before going back to their previous activity, only this time, it was Bra who made the first move. For what seemed like hours they laid in each otherís arms kissing. Sadly, Goten was growing tired in just kissing her, and let his hands start to roam around her body. He could see she was in a complete state of terror, she had never been touched like this before.

She didnít know what to make of it. His hands had explored every curve of her body. The one thing she did know is that she was enjoying the feeling of his hands on her. She began to feel like he was made for her and her alone. She started to relax slightly when his hands came to rest on the arch of her back. Now, it was her turn. Her hands wandered around the pads of muscles and the outline of his face up to his wild black hair. She ran her fingers through his hair while she pressed her pelvis into his. She instantly got a reaction, not only in his face but also elsewhere to. She could see he was shocked by her actions. She just laughed.

Finding himself a little annoyed that Bra was laughing, he gently picked her up and carried her upstairs. He felt her heart begin to pound rapidly when they reached his bedroom door. He didnít want to scare her and he hoped he wasnít moving to fast for her, but for the first time in his life he felt as if he was deeply in love with someone. He wasnít sure if she felt the same, but the look in her eyes was agreeing with him. He laid her down upon his bed, being careful not to break the angel before him. He then lay in his bed next to her.

"Bra, you do know that we donít have to do anything if your not comfortable."

Bra didnít know what to say. She just looked at him. No one had ever cared enough about her to ask if she was comfortable doing something. Her own boyfriend would try to pressure her into sex, but she never felt ready. And for the first time she knew why. She was made for Goten; he was to be her first and only. Tears slowly began to fall down her checks. Seeing this, Goten quickly kissed them all away. He brought her slowly into his arms and kissed her more passionately then he had ever kissed anyone in his life. He knew in that moment that he loved Bra.

She laid back, inviting Goten to make her his. Goten took her invitation gladly. He slid his hands up from the bottom of her feet all the way up to where the first button of her shirt lay. In a seductive manor, he began to unbutton her shirt with his mouth. When he reached her stomach, he lightly blew air across her soft skin, causing her to giggle from the tickling sensation. He looked up to see her eyes, which were once full of depression and sadness now full of joy and love. He moved his mouth from her stomach up to her face where they let their tongues run ramped in each otherís mouth. She gently tugged at the shirt he was wearing, when he finally got the hint he helped her pull it off, revealing a very well built body. Bra was in shock at how gorgeous he truly was. Why hadnít she seen this in him before? She was amazed, just by looking at him she felt herself urn for him. She wanted him badly, and he could tell. Goten was feeling quite the same, and with super saiyan speed, he removed any last layers of clothing between them.

He was stunned at the sight of her body. She was perfect. Curves in all the right places, a beautiful face, along with perfectly round breasts. He felt himself become hard at the sight of her. Bra one again giggled at his reaction to her. She had him right where she wanted him. He was a slave to her demands.

Goten then started a trail of kisses from the top of her head, down her face and neck, stopping at her breasts. He sweetly kissed her nipple, while rubbing the other, and the repeating the process. He wanted her to enjoy herself, and from the look on her face, she was. He then continued his trail down to her stomach where she squirmed and giggled. ĎShe must be very ticklishí he thought ĎLetís find out where else she is ticklishí. Goten then proceeded to go down towards her womanhood. When he was near the end of her abdomen, she started to make the kisses go painfully slow.

Finally, upon reaching her most sensitive are, he rubbed his tongue gently across the folds of her womanhood. He was just playing with her. He felt her growing antsy, and then the let his tongue enter her. At first he slowly felt around, exploring every inch of her. But then started to devour her. He heard her softly moan his name. And then decided he would make his trail of kisses back up to her mouth. Again he stopped to pay special attention to her breasts. When he finally made his way to her mouth, a hot spat of kisses erupted. It was like neither of them had any control. They didnít even take the time to breathe.



"Itís my turnÖ"

"Oh..noÖI cant wait any longer."

He no longer could stand not having her as his. He carefully positioned himself at her delicate opening. He looked deep into her eyes for one last approval. He loved her enough to wait till she was ready. In her eyes he saw so much love, more than anyone had ever showed him, in that instant he knew that she was forever his. He let himself enter her softly. He didnít want her to feel any pain, but much to his dismay, he watched as tears slowly feel down her face.

"Please, donít cry Bra. If the pain is to much, we can stop."

"No Goten, I want this, I want you."

Goten let the moment succumb him. He was totally lost in the blue seas of her eyes. They both let the thoughts of turning back slide away with Braís virginity. As the pain slowly faded, Goten began to slowly thrust into her harder and deeper, sending Bra to places she never before knew.

She was overwhelmed with the new sensation. She warped her legs around Gotenís back, to allow him more access. She had never felt anything like this before. Now that the pain was slowly fading away, she began to enjoy herself, as she moaned out loud for the pure pleasure Goten was giving her. Goten had never had anyone quite like her. Sure, he had been with a lot of women, but none like Bra. There was something different about her. Even the way she felt around him. And he had sex with virgins before, so that wasnít the reason. He then started to believe that she was made for him.

As their unity continued, Goten began to kiss Braís neck. He let his mouth devour her once again. He fell week on top of her as the both released at the same time. Never in his life did he find so much love. He rolled off her so he wouldnít crush her. But as he was doing this, he heard her quietly whisper ĎGoten, I love youí. He laid there just thinking about her, and how much his life was going to change. He never thought that he would find the love of his life in his best friendís little sister. And then he looked at his angle only to find her fast asleep. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

"You know B-chan, you donít know how much youíve changed me. Kami, why didnít I see that I loved you before? Why was I so blind? That doesnít really matter much anymore, as long as we are together. And I promise to be by your side forever. Thatís a lovers devotion after all."




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