Lost Souls

By: ðįVïÐê£įð

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A/n: This story is going to be mostly about Juuhachi-gou and Marron. Some of the story will be flash backs of Juuís live. This will be denoted by italicís. Donít know how long this is going to be, but please enjoy and R&R. Thanks!! ~ ðįVïÐê£įð


Its has been almost a whole year since that incident. A whole year without her. He could no longer think straight, let alone face her parents. He really hadnít seen anyone since Marron was taken away. Or for that matter, he really was never happy. He would sit alone in misery awaiting her return, if that day were ever to come. As seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours and hours turned into day he was slowly forgetting about her. Finally, one year and eight months later, they held a funeral service for Marron. Everyone was devastated.

Trunks slowly made his way up to Juuhachi-gou and Krillin that day. He hadnít seen them in so long and he wished that he could keep it that way. But he knew that he wanted to be with them.

"Juuhachi-gou, Iím terribly sorry."

"Itís ok Trunks. There was nothing you could do."

After giving Juuhachi-gou quick hug and kiss to say that he was sorry, he slowly turned to Krillin. This was going to be hard. After all he was with Marron the night she was taken.


"Trunks, you donít have to say anything. I know.

"Thank you Krillin."

Trunks walked away with a very morbid air to him. He didnít look good. Something was wrong. He had made so much of his lives revolve around her that he no longer had a world to live in. Sure, he supposed that he would go on, but that would take years. As his thoughts kept getting deeper and deeper, his tears began to flow freely. Soon he was balling his eyes out. He felt like he was making a fool of himself, but he didnít care. He truly loved Marron. After standing about an empty casket for 20, he finally was going to leave. As he began to walk away, he heard a small explosion outside. Everyone in the funeral home looked around at each other and seeing all of the Z fighters present, they began to wonder who or what the explosion came from. Everyone started to run outside to see what had happened, when C-18 got the biggest shock of her life.

"Dr. Gero?"

"Why yes, C-18, it is I. Your creator. You do know that you BELONG to me donít you?"


"Thatís sad to hear. And I had BIG plans for you 18. But enough with this stalling, I must get to the point. I have something to show you 18."

"And what the fuck would that be?"

"Oh just a little present I made for you. I hope you like it. 21! Come here and introduce yourself."


The smoke from the explosion was still visible. And through the smoke everyone could see a small figure walking forward. It seemed to take and eternity for the figure to almost be in site. But when the smoke finally cleared, everyone was shocked to see what they found.


"MaÖMarron?" Trunks said about to pass out.


In a blind rage of fury, Juuhachi-gou began to attack Dr. Gero in a vicious on slaught. She proceeded to beat the old man until Android 21 steeped in.

"You shall no longer touch my creator."

"Marron! What are you doing? GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"You will have to kill me first."

Juuhachi-gou stopped her attack and watched her daughter carry Dr. Gero off.


Juuhachi-gou began to cry as the others watched her fall to her knees. They didnít know what to do. After seeing her rage of raw power they feared for their lives. Krillin ran up to her without any though. He took her inside and about 15 minutes later returned to the Kami House with her.




"Juu! Whatís the matter?"

"What? Oh Kami Krillin Iím sorry."

"Juu, thatís the third time this week that youíve woken up with nightmares. Why donít you tell me?"

Juuhachi-gou was never one to tell her feelings, or her dreams for that matter, but she couldnít bring herself to tell Krillin what she was dreaming of.

Itís those eyes. Mine used to look like that. That blank stare in to subspace. The emptiness, the pure hate that can be seen in her eyes. Why Marron, why? Why couldnít Gero take me instead? DAMN HIM! Poor Marron, for now her soul would be lost forever. We are now one in the same. Marron will know the pain and the agony of what the truth is like. I tried to hide it from her, but I no longer can. Damn you Gero. I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance. Damn you, damn all of you.