Misery Within Chapter 2

By: ð°VïÐ꣰ð

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Far from Capsule Corp., in the middle of nowhere, another heart had just been broken. Goten stood shocked at what Paris was saying. She was giving him up for her job. One that he created for her. (Authors note: I really don’t know if Goten got the modeling job for Paris, but I read that somewhere. If anyone knows, could ya please let me know? ^_^)

"Goten, I’m so sorry about all of this. But this marriage would only create more problems in my schedule. You know I can barely get away to see you as it is, there is no way I’m going to be able to take that much time off. Gomen nassi Son Goten."

Before Goten had a chance to say any thing to her, she had left. He had thought that she was the love of his life. He felt like a baka and crushed at the same time. With nothing left for him to do, he went into his house to lay in his self-pity. When he finally made his way back inside, he saw his Okasan on the phone. He was trying to think of a good way to tell her about Paris when he saw her become as white as a ghost. In all of his life he had never seen his mother in such a state of shock.

"Okasan! What’s the matter? Who was that? What did they say?"

Chi-chi could sense the urgency in her son’s voice. She didn’t know how to approach what she had just heard.

"Goten….something…something has happened…."


"That was Bulma on the phone. She…she …she said that…"

"KASAN! TELL ME! Please."

"V-v-vegeta is….."

"Vegeta is what Okasan?"


"NANI??!! Masaka?"

"Goten, can you bring me to Capsule corp., I’m afraid that Bulma might do something crazy. She doesn’t need to be alone right now."



*45 minutes later*

Goten and Chi-chi were just arriving at Capsule Corp.

"Okasan, where do you want me to let you off?"

"The front door is fine dear. But don’t you think that you should go talk to Trunks? After all, he was there for you when your tousan wasn’t around. Not to mention the fact that he is your best friend."

"Kasan…I really don’t know if I can go through with this. Vegeta was like my own Tousan when I was young. I….I…really am afraid. I will go see him in a bit, but I need to straighten out my own feelings first."

"I understand. But for his sake, please hurry up."

With that Goten set his mother down and took off flying in the opposite direction. In some ways, he felt that this was going to be harder than when his own Tousan passed away 2 years ago.


"Konichi Wa…. Bulma-chan? Are you there?"

Much to her discontent, Chi-chi didn’t receive a reply. She ventured into the Capsule Corp. premises hesitant of what she was to find. While she was searching for Bulma, Chi-chi realized that she understood how Bulma felt. She had lost her heart 2 long years ago. Goku’s demise had been so unexpected. After all, who would of thought that the world’s greatest fighter would just drop dead. They never really told Chi-chi what the cause of death was. They had suggested that it might have been old age, but Vegeta had informed her otherwise. Chi-chi than began to think of all the good time they all shared. How Vegeta pretended to hate Goku, but she had learned that it was quite the contrary. When Goku passed away, she had seen how outraged Vegeta had been. He had almost killed the nurse who had told them that it was all over. Ever since Vegeta met Goku, he had one goal in his life. When Vegeta had realized that Goku was really dead, he had done something no one had ever expected. He cried. For the first time in her life Chi-chi had felt sorry for the Prince. With all of her memories of Vegeta and Goku flooding her mind, she began to cry. But Chi-chi was abruptly awoken from her world of pity when she heard a soft whimper from behind her. Chi-chi quickly turned around to find that the reason she was wondering around Capsule Corp had found her.

"B-b-bulma-san…I…I..I didn’t hear you."

Bulma didn’t reply to Chi-chi. She just stood there and looked at her friend. Bulma had noticed the tears upon Chi-chi’s face. Bulma didn’t understand why Chi-chi would be crying. She had no reason. After all, she didn’t even like Vegeta. She thought that he was a monster. When Bulma was pregnant, she had even tried to talk her out of having the baby. Memories Bulma had tried to shut out began to rush back to her. All of the foolishness of her childhood, her attitude towards the ones she loved, the turmoil Vegeta’s presence had caused in her life. But when she thought back, there really was only one person who was there for her. Chi-chi. Her friend had always looked out for her well being. And now that she was thinking about it, Chi-chi was the one person who was always by her side. No matter what.

"Chi-chi. Oh Chi-chi… I can’t believe this has happened. It’s like….someone has ripped out my heart, and is letting me die so slowly. Oh Kami, I miss him. Chi-chi I love him so much." Bulma choked through her sobs.

Bulma once again became weak in her knees. Chi-chi knelt beside her and held her. Bulma sat there and cried her eyes out. For the first time in her life, Bulma realized how much Chi-chi really meant to her. She really wasn’t a friend; she was more like her sister. For hours Bulma and Chi-chi sat unmoving. Chi-chi was finally able to convince Bulma to go and take a shower and freshen up some, while she made lunch. About 20 minutes later Bulma returned, just as someone walked into her house.


"Konichi Wa… Where are you guys?"

Chi-chi heard the voice of her youngest son.

"We’re in here Goten."

*the phone rings*

"Oh, Goten can you get that dear?"

"Sure Okasan…..Moshi moshi."

"Umm…who is this?"

"Son Goten…who is this?"


"Hey B-chan! Ogenki deska?"

"I’m fine Goten, yourself? And can I speak to my Okasan or Otousan?"

Goten stood speechless for a moment. She didn’t know, and he wasn’t going to be the one to tell her. After all, she WAS daddy’s little girl.

"Umm…I’m a little upset B-chan but other than that I’m good."

"Oh really? Well I don’t have time to talk right now. I really need to talk to one of my parents."

"Ok..sure…your Okasan is right here."

With that Goten had hesitantly given the phone to Bulma.

"Moshi moshi."

"Konichi Wa Kasan!"

"Oh B-chan. How are you sweaty?"

Bulma tried to hide the sad tone in her voice from her daughter, but it wasn’t working.

"Okasan. Whats wrong?"

"Umm…nothing dear. But I’m pretty busy, what did you need dear?"

"Well you told me to call you with my fight time. So I did."

"What day and time are you arriving dear?"

"Today and in one hour."


"Is there a problem Okasan?"

"No, no dear. Like I said, I’m pretty busy. I will send Goten to pick you up. Ok?"

"Sure, but why cant Tousan come pick me up?"

Bra heard her mother let out a slight gasp. And then there was a long eerie silence.

"He’s busy too dear. What time are you arriving again?"


"Goten will be there. Ja ne Bra."

"Ja ne Okasan."

Bulma hung up the phone slowly. She wasn’t expecting to have to let Bra know so soon. This was going to be really hard. Trunks had already gone through this, and Trunks wasn’t very close with Vegeta. Bulma began to cry once more. Chi-chi gave a sharp look to Goten to do something. But Goten didn’t know what he would be able to do to help.

"Bulma-san, is there any thing I can do for you?"

"Hai. Please go pick up Bra. She will be in at 3:30"

Goten looked at his watch. It was already 2:45. With that Goten said his good byes and was going to head for his car when he had heard a soft voice call out to him.

"Goten….Goten can I ask you to do something for me?"

"Of course Bulma-san. Anything."

"Tell…tell Bra about her otousan."

Goten became over whelmed with fear. But he couldn’t let Bulma tell her. She was in no condition.

"Hai..I will tell her Bulma-san."

With that Goten left for the airport. How was he going to tell Bra? He didn’t want to tell her at the airport or in the car. He had thought about it the entire way there. Goten then decided that he would take her to where he used to take Paris for a romantic night. Bra was sure to wonder what was up. But she would find out soon enough.