From Within Your Eyes

By: NëkÖ

Look at what your doing to me

Do you even care how I feel?

I'm saddened by your words

And frustrated with your thoughts

I used to feel so loved

You and others were always there for me

Keeping me uplifted and glad to be alive

Now all you do is cut me down

And put me in situations I don't want to deal with

I thought you were my friends

Now we'll be so far apart

Too far for me to handle

It literally kills me inside

You tear and eat away at my heart

As if this was a game to the end

As each day went by I heard everything you said

How could you say that to each other?

Then when you got me involved

And said that to me

Did you even know what you were saying?

Did you realize the pain that gave me?

I love you both so much

But I really can't take it anymore

You force me to choose between the two of you

Do you know how hard that is to do?

Through these series of events

I have done everything I could for you

I have tried to be the loving daughter

You raised me to be

But you make me sin in your name

I don't know what else to do

So many thoughts run through my head

Whether they be good or bad

I doubt you even care to notice

It's all about you

Nothing about me

This may sound selfish I know

But I have feelings to

My heart cries out to be heard

Will you still be there to catch my tears?

You there with the pretty dark hair

And heavenly sense of taste

I feel your pain and want to help

But you hold me back

Your problems have become mine

You cry in my presence

Urging me to heal your sorrows

I see and hear everything

Don't think I don't know

You try to lead me on the right path to happiness

But my life is different than yours

Everyone's is

We all have our troubles

And we all deal with them differently

I don't need to add yours to mine

So why don't you let me live and learn

Much the same way you probably had to

I really do thank you for what you have done

I couldn't have done it without you

But the time has come for me to move on

Please don't stand in my way

And you there standing so tall

The one I held dear to my heart

How could you do this to us?

My trust was placed in your hands

You never did anything to me

And now this

Do you even know what your doing?

This isn't like you at all

At least what I thought you were like

Is there something your not telling us

Well of course there is

But why do you have to lie about it?

You raised me on morals you don't even have yourself

And with her

You saw what she did

You think your any different... please

Soon you'll be gone

I wish you luck in your troubles to come

But don't come crawling back to me

I don't want to hear anymore pathetic little lies

Your not getting your way with me

But then why would you want to

You've left people before

And didn't come back to them

I wouldn't be any different

Did you not love me?

Obviously you didn't have the love for me

That I had for you

and definitely not for her

The one still by my side

I will be leaving soon

To start a life of my own

I don't need either of your help

I can take care of myself

Believe in me and Trust me

You both taught me well

And I shall use it wisely

Although its been tough

And such a great obstacle to surpass

My memories will always be there

I shall cherish the good ones

and store the old under lock and key

To not be looked at again

What's been done is done

I just wish it was a more happier ending to such a wonderful life