Mom, Who are You?

As I sit I try to think of you

You had such beautiful soft baby blue eyes

the prettiest I have ever seen

Carefully shaped to perfection

that would glisten in the moonlight

Your smile could brighten anyone's day

It stretched so far to curve such full rosy cheeks

And such tender lips that could

gently kiss all the pain away

You look so beautiful in the picture

why can't I say that to your face?

Your supposed to be there for me

guide me through what you've already been through

pick me up when I'm down

help me learn right from wrong

give the unconditional love that all like you have

You left me that day

but I was too young to understand

I didn't know you would be gone forever

No more hugs

No more kisses goodnight

No more jokes

No more fun

You will forever be no more than a memory

If only that memory were stronger

As each day goes by

I remember less and less of who you were

You slowly drift away with the tide

Will I ever see you again?

Are you in that place in the sky?

Do I need to put on my best behavior

so I may one day feel your delicate hands touch mine?

One may take for granted what they have

for they do not know what its like

to think of her and not being able to come up with anything about her

to not know what she looks like

only know what has been seen through photos

to not know her voice

how sweet it must have sounded

to not know her touch

how gentle it must have felt

to not know someone so close to you

for they are the reason for you being here

I spent so many years by your side

Why have I forgotten you?

You are part of me and

I am part of you

Shouldn't there be something there

that keeps a hold onto you

Some kind of feeling inside

Did I lose that too?

You are but an angel in sky now

shining down on me

watching all that I do

hoping I follow your footsteps

I will try with all my might

to do as you would do

but its so hard with you not here

watching over and taking care of me

when you left there was no one

to come close to what you had started

I was left alone inside

Those last words you spoke to me

I wish I understood

maybe then I would know

what you wanted me to do

I try but fail you numerous times

I know you see all that I do

and are proud of me anyway

I just only wish I could see you

if even for a short moment

I love you so much

but have become lost on what I am loving

You will always be held dearly in my heart

because although I have forgotten

many things about you

You will always be

forever more

my guardian angel

my mother