It was one summer night late in the evening. I had some of my friends over. I know Sarina was there, but I'm not sure if Gia was there or not. We had gone outside to listen to music, jump on the trampoline, play basketball, and just have fun. The more that I think about it think Gia was there, but I'm not sure. Anyway Jenn Bevelaqua stopped over. I didn't know why, but she joined in our fun. Little did I know she was really there because of my sister. My sister came outside and played and it looked as if she was waiting for something or someone. Later my sister headed towards the shed and so did Jen. I thought maybe they had seen something so I didn't pay too much attention to it. I heard them whispering and talking, but I just minded my own business and had a great time with my friends. We were laughing and joking and having such a good time. Then after awhile had gone by, I don't know how long because time flies when your having fun. Anyway I heard my sister call my name. Her and Jen both asked me to come over to where they were in the shed. I looked over at Sarina and Gia then back at my sister and Jenn and decided I would go see what they wanted. I didn't think I'd be long whatever it was so I said I'd be a sec. I don't remember if we were playing basketball or were on the trampoline. I just know when I came back they were on the trampoline. I slowly walked over to the shed. I just looked at them, their faces the entire time on my way over. As I came closer I got nervous. When I reached the door I noticed there was someone else there. There was some tall, black man in the shed. I looked at them and got scared. I could smell the smoke, but it didn't smell the like cigarette smoke. It was different. Both my sister and Jen looked at me and said do you want to try this and they showed me their marijuana. I didn't answer and just looked in total shock. I looked up at the guy and he had a funny grin on his face. My sister just looked at me and had it between her thumb and index finger moving it closer and closer towards me. I didn't know what to do. I knew it was wrong, but it smelled weird and like made me want it. She, my sister, told me to take it and showed me what to do. She told me to suck in and hold it in and not let the smoke escape and to sort of swallow. She showed me how to make rings with the smoke and different stuff. When I did it I really didn't cough and they all looked at me funny because if it had been the first time I smoked I should have coughed, but I didn't really. So they knew something was up, but I wasn't asked about it until later. Anyway I couldn't believe what I had just done and went back out to my friends. They looked at me and asked what she wanted. I just said oh nothing and we went back to playing whatever. Katie, my sister, called me another time and I told her I didn't want it and she said well I don't want to force you into doing anything so I went back and my friends and I went inside for the night. Sarina was the one who suggested we go inside probably because she didn't like me going over there and I wasn't telling them what Katie and Jen were doing.

One day Jen came over and was chatting with my sister. They were discussing having the tall, black man come back over. I can't remember his name. They asked if I wanted to come and I said I didn't know. They kept telling me come on come on. Later that night there that guy was. We were outside listening to music and there he was coming down the driveway. My heart kept beating faster and faster with each step he took. I didn't really want to do this. I looked up to my sister for advice and different things and here she was letting me down doing all this. I knew not to, but was so confused and fighting my conscience and ended up just going with the flow and I regret it. He showed up and we talked for a little but soon went to the shed in the back. This time he brought that pipe thing with marijuana grass and vodka and orange juice for a screw driver and something else I don't remember. I went with them and just stood there as they did whatever then my sister had me try the pipe thing and my hands were free. Someone held the pipe thing in my mouth and told me to suck and she plugged my nose so I couldn't breath. I remember looking straight ahead and there was what's his face and my sister to my side and I couldn't see Jen. I couldn't take it any longer and pulled away and coughed. It was an awful experience. I didn't want anything to do with it again and haven't done it since. But later I did have some of the screw driver and whatever else it was and that's when my sister said I was drunk, but I swear to you I wasn't because usually when your drunk you don't remember anything, but I remember everything that went on. I was just trying to be funny and I accomplished what I wanted to do because they sure did laugh and still laugh about it to this day. I wanted some gum from Katie's gum ball machine so I asked her if I could go get some and she said sure. I had the great idea to act like a secret agent or whatever and pretended we were on a mission. I was kinda laughing myself for what I was doing. Tried to secretly go around the corners and made it to her bedroom. Well my grandmother came upstairs and heard us so I dove into the closet to hide and Jen just walked out. I got scared because I knew she would smell me and I would be in trouble and that's why I dove in the closet. Well I got my gum balls and went back outside and my grandmother didn't suspect anything. Jen went back and was laughing hysterically about it and I wanted to prove I wasn't drunk so I walked the log we have in our backyard and I did it fine, but she still thought I was drunk. Oh well I didn't care. We ended up sleeping on the trampoline that night and jumped on it all night before we got tired. I think it got cold that night and we left my sister there in the middle of the night and went inside. I'm not sure if it was that night or another night. We gathered up our blankets and slept inside. I felt bad leaving my sister out there.

There was another time. Again my sister and Jen brought what's his face to our house. This time I didn't want anything and I didn't take anything. I pretty much watched. They were really drinking and having fun. I just stayed on the trampoline whenever Jen would go back over to take a gulp of whatever most likely vodka. I'm having a hard time remembering everything that went on so bear with all my confusions. I think there was some other guy there. I can see in the back of my mind someone else. I don't know why he was there or who he was with. He was probably with what's his face. Things began to soon get out of hand though. Katie liked what's his face and since they were both drunk they began to get closer. I don't know how it started, but just sitting her reminiscing I can just picture what was going on. I was standing and watched my sister. I just stood there I don't know why. Jen and I had gone inside because Katie I think told Jen something. I don't know. Well we wanted to go outside and find out what was going on. We snuck behind the fence on the one side of the garage. We slowly came to the back and could see them kissing. Jen and I then decided to go to the other side. Once we got over there Katie and him were on the ground. They were rolling on top of each other and squirming. Passionately kissing and he stroked his hands up and down her body feeling every inch and curve. It looked as though he was going to start to take her clothes off so I looked at Jen and we knew we had to stop it so we ran over acting all excited and I think we made up some kind of story. Well we got them to stop and just sat around talking. I think Katie really was drunk because later that night she puked up so much I didn't know where it came from. She was just laying on the trampoline and all of a sudden she rolled over and just puked over the side of the trampoline. It just kept coming and coming like the energizer bunny. She must have seriously puked for 15 minutes straight, non-stop. I got her a towel to wipe her mouth and something to drink. She wanted iced tea but I would only bring her water because that would be best for her. They all went home later and Katie got better, but I still didn't like that night.

There have been numerous times before that Katie and Jenn have done stuff together, but that's all I wish to remember now. My sister has gotten into alcohol that my dad had around the house numerous times. She got in trouble for it, but not a real big punishment because my dad just doesn't punish us all that much. Sometimes she would hide it and I would find it and take just a small sip, but that's it. I feel really bad about bringing my friend into this once. My dad had taken a bottle of applepucker stuff from my sister and I happened to mention it to Jen who had stopped over and she told me to go get it and we sat on the trampoline drinking it. It's not that much, but still. I really think I've learned my lesson one too many times and don't wish to get too involved with alcohol or any of that stuff. Just not yet especially when I know how its affected me and only I know how it has. I have many more stories about this subject but could fall under others as well so I will stop now since I'm getting bugged by someone to get this to her.