Only Dende Knows How Much I Love You

This is a romantic fic about one of my favourite couples, Bra and Goten! ^_^ I don't own any of the characters, except for Darryl. And I don't own Breathless. The Corrs own it! Oh yeah, in this story, Bra and Goten are the same age (In DBGT they're not!)

"Why oh why!" Bra sighed as she cried into her pillow. "Why is he going out with that bimbo? Doesn't he know that she's probably got a few other boyfriends other than him? She's a player!" she moaned.


Bra listened as Trunks talked to Goten on the phone. "Really Goten?" Trunks asked excitedly, "Or are you kidding me?"
After a short pause, Trunks exclaimed, "I don't believe that Paris actually asked you out!"
Bra's heart stopped as she heard the last sentence. Her vision blurred as she struggled to fight the tears. 'Paris & Goten?' She thought, 'No!' Goten was hers, not Paris'!'


"Oh, Goten," Bra said out loud. "I wish you'd understand how much I love you!!"
She then laid her head on the pillow and went to sleep, dreaming of she and Goten together.

The next day...

"Mum," Bra said softly as she went into her mum's office.
"Yes Bra?" Bulma looked up from her latest creation to look at her daughter.
"I need to have a heart to heart with you." Bra explained.
"Just a sec, Bra!" Bulma said cheerfully as she put her tools aside and got up, dusting her labcoat. "That's a nice dress you're wearing!" she smiled at Bra. Bra was wearing a cute white mini dress with three yellow flowers embodied at the top.
"Thanks Mum!" Bra grinned.
"Now, about that heart to heart talk?" Bulma sat on the chair at her desk, and gestured to Bra to sit down.
"So, what happened?" Bulma asked.
"Well," Bra hesitated. She suddenly had an idea. "I have a friend who knows this guy very well, they're almost like brother and sister. Well, this guy is going out with a two-
timer, but he doesn't realize that my friend loves him."
"Oh," Bulma said, "Firstly, does this girl happen to be named Bra Briefs?" she smiled at her red faced daughter.
"Yes Mum," Bra fidgeted with her dress.
"Now, I had the same problem myself!" Bulma said suddenly.
"You did Mum?" Bra was surprised.
"When I was younger, before I met your dad," Bulma explained, "I used to go out with Yamcha..."
"You did?" Bra said, her eyes widening.
"Yes I did," Bulma smiled," I had great times with him. Then, I met your dad."
"Where?" Bra asked.
"When we were on Namek." Bulma continued, "I met him foor the first time. I imagined him to be a horrible giant who's life was depended on crushing people, destroying planets and being powerful But when I met him, he was moody and rash, refusing to be friendly with anyone. But, I knew that deep, deep down inside, he was different. We became good friends, and I continued going out with Yamcha."
"And?" Bra demanded.
"Getting to it!" Bulma grinned. "Then, our love developed slowly. I found myself
attracted to Vegita, and I was getting distant with Yamcha. One time, I couldn't
take it any more. I told him I loved him. And he felt the same way."
"So what happened?"
"We, well, had a one might stand!" Bulma sighed at the memory, "And I had Trunks. I hadn't seen Yamcha for a year, and he came over, and saw me with your brother. He realized what had happened, and we broke up."
"Oh!" Bra exclaimed.
"So, all I can tell you is that, somehow you and Goten will find your way to each other!"
Bulma told her.
"Thanks Mum!" Bra exclaimed as she ran out of the room. "Hold on," she spun round.
"How do you know that Goten is the guy I was referring to?"
"I have my ways!" Bulma said mystically as her eyes sparkled.

At school the next day...

Bra turned the combination on her locker, and opened the door. She was pulling out her books, when she heard someone laughing. She looked out of her locker and saw Paris and Goten laughing together. They kissed. She put her head back in her locker. Bra didn't want to see that nauseating sight. She started putting her Biology books in her
bag. Her bag fell and everything scattered.
"Hey Bra!" a voice said. Bra looked up. It was Darryl Whitehall. He was a boy in her class, a good friend of hers."Can I help you with that?"
"Sure!" Bra said gratefully. They picked up everything that had fallen. When everything had been picked up, they got up.
"Thanks Darryl," she thanked him.
"You sure do look great today!" he complimented.
Bra looked down at her outfit. Black jeans, blue crew neck top and black mules. Then, she suddenly got an idea.
"Darryl," she whispered.
"Yeah, Bra?" Darryl asked.
"I need your help for something..." she whispered.
"For what?" he asked.
"I need you to help me make someone jealous."
Bra whispered her plan to Darryl, and he listened. "So you're trying to make Goten jealous?" he asked her.
"Yes, that's the plan." She said, "will you help me?"
"Sure," he said.
"Thanks," Bra said gratefully.
"You're welcome!"

In Biology...

"OK, class," Mr. Steppins announced, "today we're going to be dissecting a frog today."
"Ugh!" Paris exclaimed. Bra glared at her. She had to sit next to her.
"Please, divide into pairs," Mr. Steppins told them.
"Hey, Darryl," Bra said aloud, "Do you want to be with me?" It was good, because, Darryl sat right next to Goten. Goten looked mad, then shouted to Paris, asking her to be with him.
"Hey, Goten!" Darryl greeted him. Bra giggled. Paris and Goten were right next to them.
"Hi Darryl," Goten mumbled, "Hi Bra."
"Hi Goten!" she said cheerfully, "did I tell you the good news?"
"What?" he murmured.
"Darryl and I are going out!"
"What- Oh." Goten looked shocked. Bra stifled a laugh.
"Yeah," Darryl sighed, "She and I make a great couple,"
Bra laughed even more. Darryl was a fantastic actor.
"Tonight, we're going to that new restaurant, besides the river," Darryl added,
"The Compass Rose."
Goten's mouth fell open. So did Paris' and Bra's. But Darryl winked at her, and she remembered. Darryl came from a rich family, and she knew that he'd manage to pay for a full meal at the Compass Rose.
"Yeah," she smiled, "I'll be wearing my best dress!"
As they dissected, Bra and Darryl talked about what fun they'll be having and how romantic it would be. Goten didn't look happy, and Paris looked as sick as a cow.
The bell for lunch rang. Darryl and Bra kept laughing and talking about what a great time they'd have. Then, Darryl got an idea.
"How about we make it a double date?" he asked, "You and Paris can come with us!"
Goten was about to say no thanks, but Paris interrupted.
"We'd love to!" she said in her posh voice and she giggled.
"Hey Darryl," Bra whispered, "Why did you invite them?"
"Oh, you'll see!" Darryl said, his eyes twinkling.

At The Compass Rose...

"And what will you like to order, monsieur?" the waiter asked Darryl in a French accent.
"I'll have the veal, please." Darryl said politely.
"What about you, mademoiselle?" the waiter asked Bra.
"I'll have the pork, thank you!" Bra said.
"And, you mademoiselle?" the waiter looked at Paris.
Paris giggled at his accent and told him that she wanted the Garden Salad.
The waiter narrowed his eyes and asked Goten what he wanted.
"Well," Goten said slowly. Bra suddenly remembered something. Goten was Goku's son! (Oh, come on, you know what I mean with that! Goten was GOKU'S SON?! Let me make it easier. Maybe Goku's eating habits were passed down to Goten?!)
"I'll have the salad for starters, then the steak, after that the chicken and for dessert, strawberry cheesecake!" Goten said cheerfully. Paris gasped. "Goten, are you sure you'll eat all of that?" she asked, disapproving.
"Sure will, Paris!" he said happily, patting his stomach.
While they waited for their food, they talked.
"So, how long have you and Bra been going out, Darryl? Paris asked snootily.
"Ah, we've been going out for something like..." Darryl stopped, pretending to think, "Oh yes! We've been a couple for a week!"
"But," Bra smiled," We feel like we've been together for ages!"
She looked at Goten, but he looked away. Bra smiled. She knew that he was turning into a green-eyed monster.
The food came and there was a bit of silence while they ate. Then, after the meal, Bra said she had an announcement to make.
"It's my birthday on Saturday, I'm going to be 17. I'm having a big bash at my house!" she said happily.
"Cool!" Darryl smiled.
"It will be formal wear, so guys dress in tuxes, and girls in dresses." She added.
"OK!" Paris said.
"I'll be inviting everyone in our year, and a few other people who aren't in the same year as us," she said, thinking of Pan, Trunks, Marron and Ubb.
They finished the meal. After Darryl had paid, they said they're goodbyes and walked in either direction to get to their cars.
"Well, Bra," Darryl said slowly as they got into his car, a beautiful black Porsche.
"Yeah Darryl?"
"I think this is working out perfectly!"

On Saturday...

"Bra, this party is fantastic!" Pan shouted over the music.
"Yeah I know!" Bra grinned, "I'm having a fantastic time!"
"You look great!" Marron yelled and laughed.
"Thanks!" Bra exclaimed, "So do you!"
Bra was wearing a black, shimmery, sleeveless dress and her hair was cascading on her shoulders, Pan, a sleeveless, pure white dress and Marron, a sleeveless turquoise dress.
"Hey, you guys!" Trunks smiled as he approached them. He kissed Pan on the cheek.
"Hi, Onnichan!" Bra greeted him. 'Wow' she thought, 'he sure looks great in tuxes!'
"Hey Pan," Trunks said suddenly, "Wanna dance?"
"Sure!" She smiled, "See you guys later!" she shouted as she was being dragged away by Trunks.
Ubb came along, and asked Marron to dance. She accepted and they left.
Bra waited for Darryl to come to ask her to dance. Then, her mum came in.
"Bra, there's Darryl on the phone for you!" she hissed.
Bra went into the silent kitchen. "Hi Darryl!" she said cheerfully.
"Hey, Bra," he said hoarsely, "I've got the flu. I'm sorry, but I can't come tonight."
"Oh no!" Bra exclaimed sadly.
"Good luck with Goten!" he coughed.
"Thanks Darryl," she said unhappily.
"See you," he coughed again.
"Bye, Darryl."
Bra hung up and went back into the dance room. 'Now what am I going to do?' she asked herself silently.
She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. Bra spun round and saw- Goten.
"Paris and I broke up, do you want to dance?" he asked, praying.
"Sure, Goten!" she smiled, "Even Darryl couldn't come. He's got flu."
"Paris has a photo shoot."
He dragged her on the dance floor and Breathless by the Corrs started.
Bra put her arms around Goten's neck and they swayed together.

The daylight's fading slowly
But time with you is standing still
I'm waiting for you
The slightest touch and I feel weak
I cannot lie
From you I cannot hide
And I'm losing the will to try
Can't hide it
Can't fight it

Goten put his arms round her waist, and they moved together. Bra was excited, she knew that Goten was fantastic at dancing.

So go on,go on, come on leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me until I can't deny
This lovin' feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on,go on,yeah
Come on

Goten felt his body heat rise, like wise with Bra. He spun her round and then he saw how beautiful she looked.

And it there's tomorrow
And all we have is here and now
I'm happy just to have you
You're all the love I need somehow
It's like a dream
Although I'm not asleep
And I never want to wake up
Don't lose it
Don't leave it

Bra looked at Goten. She noticed he was sweating like mad. But she was having too much fun to stop.

So go on, go on, come on, leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny
This lovin' feeling
Make me long for you kiss
Go on, go on, yeah
Come on

Bra and Goten spun round and round, together. People were moving out of the way so they could pass.

And I can't lie
From you I cannot hide
And I've lose my will to try
Can't hide it
Can't fight it

So go on, go on, come on, leave me breathless
Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny
This lovin' feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on, go on, yeah
Come on

Tempt me, tease me, until I can't deny
This lovin' feeling
Make me long for your kiss
Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless
Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless
Go on, go on, come on leave me breathless

At the end, Goten dropped Bra and caught her before she could fall. Everyone around them clapped hard. Then Goten lifted her up and she leapt forward for a kiss. It was around 15 minutes later when they broke apart for breath.
"Bra," Goten began.
"Thank Dende that we were made to be together!"

Yes! That was my longest fic ever! Yipee!