Chapter 1-The Invitation


Beep! Beep! Pan opened her eyes and got out of bed. "Stupid alarm" she said to herself. She looked at her dresser and saw a note from Bra. It said:

OMG! You believe it! You know those 5-day parties they have cause King Vegeta's death was then? Ya, well I asked my dad if we can go and he said yes. It'll be so much FUN!!!!

Pan was surprised that her dad was gonna let them go to the party. You had to be 18 but Pan was only 16."Well I guess that's what happens when your best friend is the Prince's daughter she thought. Pan really wanted to go cause Trunks was gonna be there. She secretly had a crush on him. "I better ask Bra if I can wear one of her dressesĒ thought Pan aloud.



At Breakfast


Pan sat at the "teen" table. Today it was unusually empty.

"Hey Bra, where is everyone?" asked Pan.

"Trunks and Goten are gone sparring and Chris went with them" replied Bra.

Chris was a Saiyan like everyone else on Planet Vegeta and was Pan and Bra's friend. She was a tomboy and usually hung out with Trunks and Goten. While Pan and Bra were eating Prince Vegeta came down the stairs. Everyone got up and bowed down .Everyone except Pan who was stuffing her face away.

"You!" yelled Vegeta at Pan.

"Me?" asked Pan clumsily.

"Yes you, who else stupid girl, now tell me why aren't you bowing down to your Prince" said Vegeta.

"Cause I donít feel like it" said Pan angrily .Everyone gasped. There were surprised of how she was talking to the Prince.

"Why you..."said the Prince, clenching fists.

"NO, wait, sheís with me daddy that's she didnít bow down" said Bra to the rescue. Her father looked at her angrily and walked off.

"Thanks Bra" said Pan.

"Wow you really hate my dad don't you" said Bra.

"Well, before he never cared about who bowed down to him" said Pan.

"I guess mommy's death really changed him" said Bra sadly.

Pan felt sorry for Bra and Trunks and Vegeta. Poor guy must feel lonely without her she thought. Wait, did she just feel sorry for Vegeta?

"Hey, whatís up" said a voice. It was Chris with the boyís right behind her.

"Hey, how was your sparring session?" asked Pan.

"It was boring cause I kicked both there asses so fast" said Chris chuckling.

"No you didnít you liar" said Trunks. Goten was too busy stuffing his to defend himself.

"You just donít wanna admit that you were beaten by a girl" said Chris

Pan watched them flirt. It was obvious that Trunks like Chris. Pan couldnít take it anymore so she interrupted them.

"Did you guys get invited to the 5-day parties?" asked Pan

"Yup" they all said together.

"Hey Pan wanna spar with me after?" asked Trunks.

"Uhh...sure" said Pan a little surprised that he asked her.

"Hey Chris you wanna come too?" Trunks asked. When Pan heard that she knew could feel tears stinging her eyes but she held them in

"Sure, but let's all go, it'll be more fun" said Chris

They all agreed and headed for the Gravity Room.