Chapter 2-The Letter


"" screamed Pan. She was aiming the blast at Trunks. Goten, Chris and Bra were watching and talking. Bra didn’t fight cause she never did martial arts before.

"Hey Bra, how about I beat your ass in the next round" said Goten laughing.

"That's insulting you know" said Bra.

Ya, so what are you gonna do,tell your daddy?” asked Goten

"No, I'll fight you" she said as she got up and kicked her leg up in the air. Suddenly, she had tears in her eyes. "OW,I PULLED A LEG MUSCLE" she cried. Chris and Goten fell down anime style. "Boom". There was a huge blast. The three teens looked and saw Pan and Trunks both on the ground and out of it. "We better take them to the regeneration tank" said Bra.



An Hour Later


  Pan opened her eyes and realized that she was in the regeneration tank. She saw Trunks (he got healed already) Chris Bra and Goten outside. She knocked on the door. Chris looked and got her out. "Hey" said Pan as she got out.

"Hey, you got a letter" said Goten smiling sweetly at his niece. Pan took it and opened it. It said:

Miss Pan,

Prince Vegetea was not very pleased with your attitude this morning, so he's made you a challenge. If you beat him in a 1 on 1 match, you will get to go the 5-day parties and get special treatment. If you lose you , you and your friends won't be able to come to the party. Come tomorrow morning to the Gravity Room.


                                                               Prince Vegeta's Assistant


After Pan read the note her eyes went wide. "What's wrong" asked Goten. Pan read the letter out loud.

"Oh my God, you have to win Pan" said Bra.

"Hey Bra, don't put any pressure on her" said Trunks sternly. He looked at Pan and smiled. "Do your best" he said. Pan smiled back and tried not to blush.

"Ya, good luck" said Chris

Pan smiled at everyone but inside she was worried. Her friends were counting on her to win.