Chapter 3


Pan, Trunks, Goten, Chris and Bra were all sitting quietly. It was 8:45 and Pan's match started at 9.None of them said a word. Pan got up and looked at her friends. "I guess I better get ready and put my armor on" said Pan.

"Hope you win Panny" said Goten, getting up to hug his niece.

"Thanks" said Pan smiling. She looked at Chris and Bra, Chris looked up at her, smiled and gave her a wink. Pan was jealous of her but Chris was still a great friend. Pan smiled at her then she saw Bra giving her a thumb’s up. Pan smiled at her then she looked at Trunks. Trunks just looked at her funny. "Why is he looking at me funny" thought Pan. Pan looked away from him and looked at her other friends. She waved at them and headed off to her room to change. "I hope she wins" said Bra.

"Ya, same" said Chris.

"Hey you guys I’ll be back" said Trunks as he got up and ran after Pan.

"Where's he going?" asked Chris.

"I have no idea" said Bra. They both looked at each other confused.




Man this sucks. Why did I act like such a jerk to Prince Vegeta? Why? Why? Why? WHY??? I slipped on my boots and slowly walked to my door to get out when Trunks came out of no where.


Regular POV


"Hey Pan" said Trunks smiling.

"Uhh…hey Trunks" said Pan suprised. Trunks moved Pan's bangs off her face. The he brought his hand to her cheek. Pan panicked a little. She wanted to just to run away at this  point.

"Good luck" he said. Then he gave her a kiss on her cheek. Pan turned bright red. She was sooooo happy.

"Thanks, but I gotta go now" said Pan. She ran off to the gravity room "Oh My GOD! WOW! He has just kissed her!" Pan thought. Finally she made it to the gravity room. She opened the door and saw Vegeta training.

"Finally made it, huh"? said Vegeta.

"Ya, and I'm ready" said Pan as she put on a fighting pose. Vegeta stood in a fighting stance but then disappeared. "Huh?" said Pan as she looked around trying to find him. Then Vegeta appeared in front of her and punched her on the face. She flew across the room. "You'll have to do better than that" said Vegeta smirking. Pan got up and flew at him and started throwing punches. Vegeta blocked them easily and then when he had the chance he kneed her in the gut. Pan coughed out blood and fell onto he ground, holding her gut. "HAHAHAHH, your no challenge for me girlie" said Vegeta laughing. Pan was now angry. Saiyan’s weren't supposed to be weak. They were supposed keep fighting until they were dead. Pan's hair flashed yellow. Vegeta looked at her shocked. She flew at Vegeta and punched him, then kneed him in the air, then kicked him to the ground.

"KA...ME..HA...ME..HA!!!" Screamed Pan as she blasted him. Vegeta was hurt and on the ground. Pan eyes closed and then she fell to the ground as her hair turned back to normal. Vegeta got up. All of his body hurt. He saw Pan on the ground. She was unconscious. Her attacks really took it out of her. Vegeta was mad. He wasn’t supposed to be beat up to a girl like that. "Stupid girl" said Vegeta. He walked up to her and took her to the regeneration tank.



Pan woke up and saw Vegeta sitting outside the tank. He saw her get up so he walked up to the tank and opened the door. She climbed out and remembered what happened. "No" she said. "What?" he asked. "I got knocked out so I lost, my friends are gonna be so upset" said Pan. "Since you almost turned super Saiyan, I want to train you, and if you let me then I’ll let you go to the party" Vegeta said. "WOW, Oh my God REALLY? Thanks so much" she stared jumping up and down. Then she hugged him and kissed him. It was supposed to be on the cheek but it was on the lips. It lasted about 5 seconds. Pan realizing what she did, looked at Vegeta with her eyes wide open. "Oh my God, I’m so sorry.....I...I...I gotta go" she said as she ran out the room. "Oh my God that was weird, that kiss wasn’t good, it was great" thought Pan. She never had a kiss like that. She shook her head and decided to think about something else. Anyways, who cares about the kiss, she had to tell her friends the good news.