The World She Never Knew Chapter 3

By: ð°VïÐêŁ°ð

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A/n: One day I was thinking about Miria no Trunks, and decided that there had to be more than one future timeline. This story is about the Pan of one of the other timelines.


"Chi-chi, Pan-chan, where are you guys?"

Chi-chi heard the voice of her husband. She knew when Goku called her it was either for food or sex. And she was pretty sure it wasn’t the later. Instead of answering him, she just decided to start cooking. Walking over to the fridge, she saw Goku and the mysterious young stranger coming into the kitchen.

"Goku dear, can I talk to you in private?"

"Umm..Sure Chi-chi."

With that Goku and Chi-chi left leaving Pan and Miria Pan standing next to each other. Both girls looked at each other as if there was something familiar. Some sort of untold secret that only each other knew. Of course, Miria Pan knew the answer. That was her younger self. But Pan on the other hand, couldn’t put her finger on what was strange about this girl.

"Umm excuse me, but, have we met before?" Asked Pan, very curious to find out the answer.

"I don’t think so."

And with that their conversation ended. When Chi-chi and Goku finally returned, Chi-chi had a dumbfounded look upon her face. Miria Pan didn’t know what to make of this. She stood there silent, knowing that Chi-chi’s outburst was sure to fallow. By the look in her grandmothers eye, Miria knew that Chi-chi was aware of who she really was. At first this thought excited her, but to her own dismay, she realized that Chi-chi would never be her real grandmother. Any happiness in the young girl’s eyes quickly faded and once again her eyes returned to the raven black orbs of death and destruction they had once been. Seeing this, Chi-chi began to cry. Miria Pan didn’t react to this, but Pan did.

"Grandma! What’s the matter?"

"Oh nothing Pan-chan dear."

"Pan I have something to tell you that’s very important."

"Huh? What is it grandpa?"

"Come with me."

Pan left the room followed by Goku. After a short while, Pan returned to the kitchen with the same look Chi-chi had been sporting only a few minutes earlier.

"Your..your…you’re future self?"


Pan, overcome with emotions, passed out. The last thing she remembered was being told that she had come back from the future. The next thing she knew, someone very familiar was shaking her.

"Pan..Pan please wake up."

Pan’s eyes slowly started to open. When her blurred vision finally came around, she saw the purple haired demi-saiyan that she hated. Seeing Trunks, Pan quickly jumped from his grip.

"Kami Pan I come up here to check on you and this is how you repay me? Thanks…"

As the sound of his voice trailed off she didn’t know how to reply. She and Trunks had gone through a vicious break up a few years ago. He wasn’t the exact person she wanted to see. He was never the person she wanted to see. Even though she was happily engaged to Juunana, seeing Trunks would always bring back old feelings. Things sure had changed in the past few years. Bra and Goten and become an item after Goten caught Paris cheating on him with Trunks. Pan was devastated. She never expected that to happen. Trunks and Paris lasted almost a year before both of their "busy" schedules tore them apart. Goten wouldn’t speak to Trunks up until 4 months ago, when he finally realized that Trunks cheating with Paris brought him closer to Bra. Pan had thanked Trunks for cheating on her. At the time she didn’t know why she did it, but when Juunana walked into her life, she did.

"Earth to Pan.. hello? Are you ok?"

"Yeah…yeah. Sorry Trunks. I really. . didn’t mean to be so rude. I’m just a little upset and confused at the moment."

"I understand. I met your other self."

"You….you did? You mean it wasn’t a dream?"

"Afraid not."

"Oh Kami…"

"Pan its ok. Don’t worry."

Trunks could see the tears on her face. At first he couldn’t grasp the reason why she was crying, and then it hit him.

"Pan-chan, just because Miria Pan is here, it doesn’t mean that Juunana will leave you. He truly loves you. Please don’t cry."

Pan was taken back at how well Trunks could still read her. She never expected him to come up with that. As a matter of fact, she hadn’t herself.

"Kami Trunks, it’s scary when you know why I’m crying and I don’t."

"Silly, get some rest and I will be back later to check on you."

He heard her slightly laugh at this statement. Confused at what the reason was, he just left the room. She had dated him for 4 years. She knew him inside and out. She knew Trunks Briefs never kept his promises. He never kept dates either. The more she thought about it, he would miss their dates later on in their relationship. That had to have been when he was with Paris. Of course. It all made perfect sense now. Once again tears began to wield up in her eyes. She forced herself to hold them back. ‘This isn’t the time to worry about all of this Pan old girl. Not now. Some other time’. She needed some rest, and she planned on getting it. With that she nodded of to sleep, but now without Trunks watching her.

Trunks could see the tears in her eyes. He knew he was the reason for this. He really did hate to see her hurt. It felt like part of him was being torn to shreds when she was in pain.

"Ah Pan-chan. When did this all start, hum? You know I love you don’t you? I will always love you and only you Pan. I’m so sorry things had to happen this way. But at the time, Paris had what I wanted. I’m so so sorry my love."

With that the heart-broken Trunks left her room and headed down the stairs to great his friends and the newly aquatinted Miria Pan.



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