The World She Never Knew Chapter 4

By: ð°VïÐ꣰ð

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A/n: One day I was thinking about Miria no Trunks, and decided that there had to be more than one future timeline. This story is about the Pan of one of the other timelines.

Some people stated that they were confused as to the fact that Pan was a teenager like Miria Pan. The ages are

Miria Pan: 19

Pan: 16

Trunks: 19

Bra: 16

Goten: 18

Marron: 17

Ubuu: 19

Juunanna: do the androids even have ages? Well, I’ll say he’s ummm eternally 20?

Sorry about not setting that straight to begin with….and sorry this is taking so long to get out….I've been REALLy busy. Thanks ~ ð°VïÐ꣰ð


Pan awoke to a huge commotion downstairs. She figured it was over Miria Pan. For some reason she didn’t really like having her around, and she hadn’t been here that long. Pan felt that she was trouble. She could feel it in her bones that something was going to happen because of her. But there was nothing she could do about it, and there was going to be no way to get rid of her either. Chi-chi was sure to make a fuss over her, and Goku would probably want to train with her, and all the others would be hanging all over her as well.

"Damn her! Why did she have to come to this timeline! Why couldn’t she have picked a better one!"

"Sounds like someone is jealous."

Pan spun around. She didn’t know anyone was in her room. To her surprise, it was Juunanna. She hadn’t seen him in a couple of days, but she didn’t expect him just to show up in her room.

"Kami Juu-chan! Where did you come from?"

"I’ve been busy training. I have a funny feeling that there is a new evil on the way. And I believe your future-self has something to do with it."


"There’s no need to over react, we can’t be certain."

Pan just looked at him and smiled. She loved the way he looked. He had changed so much since she first met him. He now had short black hair, similar to Trunks’ style. He was always wearing black cargo pants with either a black or white wife beater, which showed off his muscles well. She had missed him. He was only gone a few days, but she really had missed him. She slowly walked over to him and kissed him. They stood in each other's arms until someone walking in disturbed them. Pan quickly jumped away from him. Juunanna just stood there, he didn’t care who saw him with Pan. He loved to be around her. For the first time in his life, he could call something his.

"Hey guys, Chi-chi wants you downstairs."

"Bra??! What are you doing in my house?"

"Well Chi-chi invited everyone over to meet Miria Pan!"

"Oh, I should have guessed. Tell my grandmother that we will be right down."

"Sure thing."


Bra quietly walked out. She went downstairs and looked around. Everyone was there. But she saw Goten sitting all alone. She walked up to and sat down on his lap. Of course, Vegeta still could not except the fact that Bra and the ‘Brat of Kakarot’ were going out. Bra saw the look on her father's face and quickly moved. After all, she didn’t want to get Goten killed. Just as Vegeta was going to make a move to kill Goten, Pan and Juunanna walked down. Chi-chi rushed over to her granddaughter and hugged her and began to cry.

"Grandma! What the matter?!"

"Your…your future….it's…its terrible!"

"Grandma, what are you talking about?"

"Miria told us all about her life, and well your future! It horrible!"

"Grandma don’t worry about it! I'm fine! Were what…3 years apart? How much can happen?"

"A lot." Miria Pan stated. "In fact, Cryus could arrive any time in this timeline. By me traveling back, who knows when he will be her. But trust me, a lot can happen in three years."

"Well I will be the judge of that…and until this Cryus character arrives, quite scaring my family."

Pan stormed out of the room leaving everyone, including Juunanna, in shock. He rushed out after her to see what was up. He knew that she didn't like Miria Pan, but there was more to this. Pan didn't like a lot of people, but she was never rude. It just wasn't like her to be rude to people.


"Pan, what happened in there?"


"Pan you've got to calm down! What's bothering you?"

She didn’t know how to answer him. She really didn't know what was wrong or why she didn’t like Miria. All she knew was that she wasn't fond of her and her stories of the future. Most likely because she was scared by what she saw. The scars, the dead eyes. It all added up to a future of hell for her. But the part that she didn’t like most about her future-self, was that she could see everything through her eyes. As soon as she would look at her, she could see the pain and the trauma Miria must have felt.

"I'm sorry Juunanna, please go back inside with the others. I will be in soon."


"I need to be alone."

"Hai Pan-chan."

Juunanna turned and slowly walked inside. When he reached the room where everyone was at, he saw all the Saiyans in a complete state of fear. Even Vegeta had the look of death upon his face. Juunanna knew something was up. They all looked to Miria Pan.

"He's here."

Everyone was screaming. Even Bulma and Chi-chi could feel his power.

"How could he just creep up on the earth like that? Can't you guys feel power levels from outer space?!"

"Bulma will you please SHUT UP!"

"What's going to happen Vegeta?"

"How the fuck would I know? Second son of Kakarot, get the women and children out of here! This is going to be bad! Now MOVE!"

Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, Juunanna, Juuhachi and Miria Pan rushed out of the door towards the source of the power. They ran right by where Pan was. She looked around in confusion. She saw Goten take off with Bulma and Chi-chi in his arms. Bra and Marron were starting to fallow the Z-team when Gohan stopped them.

"Go with Goten and your mother!"

"But Gohan-san! I want to fight!" (I know its not Bra like to say that, but she did)

"Bra! NO! Goten needs help protecting Bulma and Chi-chi. Get Pan and Trunks to go with you too! "

Gohan blasted off. Bra and Marron sat there disappointed that they would not be able to take part in this epic battle. Bra noticed where Pan was sitting and ran over to her.

"Pan! We have to go! NOW!"

"Hai!…Wait, B-chan!"


"Let's follow them."

"Pan, you never ceaced to amaze me. Come on lets go!"

The three young women took off into the air to try to help in the battle that was before them. None of them had ever felt a power like this. Even during the Babi battles, no one's power was like this, even Goku and Vegeta. They had no idea what was in store for them.


Miria Pan could sense the three girls following them. She knew that if they were there that they would all die. Cryus wasn't your ordinary creature. He came from a deep dark world full of evil and hatred. His power was huge compared to everyone's. There was noting any one could do to stop them. They would all die in vein. Sadly, she saw the events of her world unfolding around her. Something's never change. The fact that death was irrelevant was one of them. Miria took a deep breath in.


"Who are you and what the fuck do you want with us?"

"My name is Cryus, and all you need to know about me is that I am here to destroy all of you. You all will die."


Pan (Miria) watched as Vegeta attacked Cryus. At first it seemed like Vegeta was overpowering the mysterious stranger, but it turned out that Cryus was only playing with Vegeta. He was the first to fall to the monster. The next thing that she knew she was in the arms of her father being carried away. Even though she was no longer in front of the monster, she still saw how brutally Vegeta died. Slowly playing with him. Then slicing him apart. Making sure to keep him alive so he could see his own death. Pan remembered the blood that surrounded the Saiyan prince. There was nothing like it. She didn’t know that one body could hold so much blood. But it wasn't until the death of her father that she tasted blood for the first time. Gohan had tried to block Pan from Cryus' attack. But instead Cryus yet again tortured his victim. He killed Gohan so painfully slow. Blood splatter all of her. Like she said it was the first time she tasted blood. In the moment she saw her father fall, she went into the Golden stage.


They had arrived where they felt the power. There was still a smoke cloud surrounding the space capsule. Slowly, as if out of the darkness, Cryus came into view. Miria Pan choked back tears as they landed. She couldn't believe this was happening to her again. She was powerless to stop this. A single tear fell down her check, for she knew the future.

"Who are you and what the fuck do you want with us?"

"My name is Cryus, and all you need to know about me is that I am here to destroy all of you. You all will die."


Miria Pan remembered Miria Vegeta saying the same thing, and she knew what was going to happen.