When Angel Wings Collide Chapter 2

. . . : .>The Announcement <. : . . .

Goten awoke to the sun's rays shining in his room. He had gotten home late last night. And his family was all in bed. He didn’t have a chance to anyone of his engagement! He jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes at a hands reach and ran down stairs. He knew that his father would be off somewhere training and that his mother would be in the kitchen, so that’s where he headed.

"Hey mom you're never going to believe what happened last night!"

"Goten-chan what are you talking about?"

"Well…I went out with Paresu last night…and…"

Chi-chi looked at her son inquisitively and started to walk towards him. If she was thinking what he was thinking then she was going to have to call Bulma right away!


"And we’re getting married!"

"Oh Goten that’s wonderful hunny! I have to go call Bulma right away!"

Goten chuckled at his mother. That was just the reaction that he had guessed. He looked around his house for his father, but he was no where to be found, as expected. He figured that he might as well take a trip over to Gohan's house and let him know the good news. He walked towards the door slowly, thinking of what the next few months would bring. They had a lot of planing to do, and that was going to take sometime. Instead of flying to Gohan's, he decided to walk so he would be able to think of some arrangements.

She spun around and around as if on cloud nine. She was so excited. Yesterday had been the best day of his life. Her Goten-chan had finally asked 'the question'. Unknown to Goten, Paresu had already been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She had dreamt of that day someone would ask her to be theirs for many many years. From the moment she met Goten she knew that he was the one. He had a wonderful family and he had some great friends. She couldn’t ask for someone better. She knew that her life would be great with Goten by her side. She was really excited about the up coming event, so she decided that she would go look for the wedding dress of her dreams, but she really didn’t want to go alone. With her mother being dead and her father away on business at the time, she thought that maybe Chi-chi would like to go with her. She hurried over to her phone to ask right away.

"Moshi Moshi."



"This is Paresu…"

"Oh why hello dear! And congratulations darling! If you're looking for Goten, he's not here. He took a walk over to his brother's house to let him know the great news!"

"Well actually, I was hoping to talk to you. I was wondering if you would like to go and look for a dress with me. I don’t have anyone to go with and I thought that you might like to join me."

"Oh I would be honored! I know a few nice little bridal stores, they have some really nice items and they're not all that expensive."

"Really?! Oh thank you so much! I wanted to go like in an hour or so, do you want me to pick you then?"

"Sure dear, I will see you then."

"Alright, thanks again Chi-chi-sama."

"No problem, oh and Paresu, one more thing."


"Call me okasan from now on, ok?"

"Sure! I'll see you in about an hour."

"Bye dear."

Paresu was very excited about spending something with Chi-chi. She was looking forward to hopefully bonding with her. After all, her mother had died a while ago, it was going to be nice to have someone there. Paresu hurried up getting ready, she really didn’t want to wait another hour!

Goten had just reached Gohan's. He was kind of excited, and kind of nervous to tell his family the news. He knew that they would find out sooner or later, but still this was quite nerve racking. He slowly walked up to the door, making sure to take his time to get there. Sadly, he ran out of room between himself and Gohan's home. He rang the doorbell, and soon heard Videl call out that she was going to get the door.

"Goten-chan, what a wonderful surprise! Won't you come in?"

"Sure thing Videl."

"Now dear, what brings you to my humble abode on such a lovely afternoon?"

"Videl-sama, you have been reading to many of brother's books. The reason I came here this lovely afternoon is that I have some very important news to let you all know."

"Oh? Well, I'll call the family in then! Why don't you go have a seat in the living room and wait for us there?"

"Sure thing."

It seemed like hours before they were all in the same room. The first in was Videl, shortly followed by Pan. It was another few minutes before Gohan arrived, caring a book as usual. Gohan looked up to see his little brother standing nervously in front of him.

"Well, what' up Goten?"

"Yeah what's going on uncle!?" Pan said with a smile and a wink at the same time.

"Well Goten, were waiting!" Videl piped in.

"Well guys", Goten started, "I'm getting married!"

All three of their jaws dropped at once from the shock of his statement. Then they all began to rejoice for Goten!

"That’s wonderful uncle! I'm soo happy for you!!!!"

"Congrats lil bro!"

"Well, this is surly excititing! I must go call your mother at once! She's bound to start shopping soon!"


"Well, I have to get home, I have a lot to get done, so I will talk to you guys later!"