When Angel Wings Collide Chapter 3

. . . : .>The Weeks Following <. : . . .

~Two weeks later~

Plenty of arrangements had been made in the past two weeks, the wedding date had been set, all the flowers had been ordered, and they were planing a wedding shower for the next weekend. Everything had been going very smoothly. And everyone was helping too! Bulma was letting the happy couple use one of the beautiful chapels on the Capsule Corp. grounds, plus she was paying for the reception and the honeymoon! Chi-chi, Bulma, Juuhachi-gou, Pan, Bura, and Marron had all been helping Paresu to pick out the little accessories that were necessary. Everything was great! Both Paresu and Goten were as happy as can be!


~The Night of the Wedding Shower~

Paresu and Goten had been setting up for the past two hours! They were both tired and were starting to get irritable. They just wanted the shower to be over. Soon all of the guests would be arriving, and Paresu was a mess! She let out a soft sigh, and walked towards the doors.

"Paresu-chan where are you going?"

"Look at me! I'm a mess, I need a shower, bad!"

"You look good to me, messy or not!"

"Wipe that grin off that face of yours Son!"

He watched his soon to be wife walk out into the hallways of Capsule Corp. He couldn’t wait to have her all to himself. Sure it sounded greedy, but hell look at her, who wouldn’t want her? She was thin, with big soft brown eyes, hair that glimmered in the sun, a smile that could make anyone feel better, she really was perfect, and soon, she would be his and his alone! He must have had a dumb look on his face, because he was shaken from his daydream by his best friend, Trunks, laughing at him.

"Goten, man, you look…ridiculous!"

"Thanks Trunks, you’re a great friend!"

"I love the sarcasm there buddy!"

"Well you were the one laughing at me!"

"Well, you looked dumb!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"





"Boys, boys, why are you fighting?"

Both turned to see Paresu in a sleek, sparkling, little red dress that hung tightly on her upper thigh, and fell way below her collarbone, so low, it almost exposed her breasts. Her neck bore a tight red choker; it was the same material as the dress, with spike high heels to match. Her hair was pulled up neatly on top of her head, and make-up done to the precise amount. Both of their jaws hit the floor, and both agreed that saying she looked great was quite the understatement. Soon they saw Bura appear in the door way behind her.

"Like my work?"

"So, you’re the one who got your hands on her?"

"Of course!"

"Nice work." Trunks stated while loosing the tie around his neck. "WoW! Damn, Goten, you have great taste."

"I know…"

Neither really had to much time to react, because as the stood there guests started pouring in my the dozen. Soon the whole hall was filled with people, some of which the couple knew, and some of which they didn't. So far all was going great! Dinner was served in elegant manor, and shortly after the band began warming up. The evening was going perfect! Couples soon began dancing to the up beat music, swaying back and forth with the wonderful beat. Trunks was paying attention to a few great looking girls as he noticed Paresu walking towards him. The women around him were beautiful, but none compared to the beauty of Paresu. Even though she was marrying his best friend, he could still have fantasies about her, couldn't he? The music began taking a slower pace, and Trunks noticed the way her hips swayed as she walked. She surly was an enticing woman, and desirable at that. He couldn’t help but let his jaw drop slightly at her sight. She was closing in on him, and he felt himself starting to get hot, sweating a little. This shouldn't be happening, this was his best friends soon to be wife he was getting hot over, well it wasn't like it was all that hard, she had every man in that building sweating when she walked by. Finally she was right on top of him, looking down on him in his chair.

"Trunks-kun, I just wanted to say thanks for everything, the party and all.."

Of course that wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear from her plump lips that looked ever so moist, but it would do.

"Oh, No problem Paresu-chan, It's the least I could do for my best friend and a beautiful young lady."

He could see the blush start over her face. And her eyes light up with a hint of desire, hopefully that would never be consummated.

"Well, I was also wondering if you would dance with me, because Goten-chan isn't feeling well."

Trunks rose, making sure to give her a sexy look, while never breaking eye contact. He took her hand in his and brought it to his soft lips, kissing it gently.

"My dear, I would be delighted."

She just smiled in return. He began to lead her through the crowd of people onto the dance floor, slowly pulling her into his arms. She placed her arms around his neck and began to slowly dance with him in a flowing circle. At first they had their distance, but the gap grew smaller and smaller with each delicate twist and turn. Paresu was enjoying every bit of attention she was receiving from Trunks; after all he was very handsome. He could be dancing with any girl that he chose, but she found herself in his arms. For some reason, it felt so good and so wrong at the same time. She happened to look up to catch his glowing blue eyes staring back down at her. She was mesmerized, as if she was in a dream. It was the prettiest blue she had ever seen and she felt herself becoming overwhelmed with the oceans for eyes that he held. She continued to look deep into his eyes, as if to see what he was thinking. She wanted to know. Was it desire she saw, or a mere glimpse of friendship? She would have sworn on her life that it was not the later, and how she wished it was the first. She knew that it was wrong to want Trunks in that way, but she couldn’t help it. Everything about him was driving her to the brink of insanity, from the sweet aroma that surrounded him, to the way the light hit his awesome purple hair. She knew that these feelings were wrong, but what if they were right? She couldn't help but wonder. Her intense curiosity was turning to an evil intent. She was starting to want Trunks, in a way that she wanted no other, and she could see, and literally feel, that he felt the same. She looked around to see that the numbers of the crowd had greatly diminished, and that the party was almost over. She quickly removed her body from her desirable captor's arms and went to see if that there was anything that she could do to help clean up. Trunks knew that she was feeling something for him, something so great and so terrible at the same time, and he knew that he felt the same. He gave the room another quick glance around before telling his mother that he was retreating into the darkness of his own room, leaving the women to finish clean up.

Paresu looked up to see Trunks walking out, to go God knows where. She was disappointed that he had left, maybe he wasn't feeling the same way she was, but she had to find out. She knew that she needed him, if not forever, than the night would have to do. She went over to Bulma and explained that Trunks had left his jacket with her, and she needed to return it. Paresu was shocked when Bulma offered to do it for her, but Paresu quickly dismissed that thought from her head. Bulma then told her where Trunks was headed, and Paresu went after the man wanted to get to know so deeply.