When Angel Wings Collide Chapter 4

. . . : .>When the Angel Falls <. : . . .

A/N: This is a serious LEMON!!!!! This is the most graphic piece I have completed up to date.

Paresu made her way up to Trunks room, slowly at first, trying to think of what to do or say. She had no idea what she was about to get herself into, but she was enjoying every minute of this uneasiness. She walked the halls of Capsule Corp. slowly at first, but she couldn’t wait any longer. She began to run towards the wing that contained Trunks' room. After five minutes of racing through the halls, she reached the enchanted doorway she longed to enter. She taped the door slightly, not getting a reply, she knocked louder, and she patiently waited for Trunks to step forth into her presence. Then she heard the sound of the door unlock, and watched as the door became slightly opened. She saw his face, that beautiful face that was unique to him and immediately dove forward into his arms, pressing her body to his, and kissing him deeper than anyone she had kissed before. She broke the kiss after the first few minutes, and turned around to close the door and lock it. She began to push Trunks back towards his bed, kissing him ever so softly in the process. He leaned into her kiss, and pulled her body closer to him. She lifted her legs up off of the ground and planted them firmly around his well-built body. He lifted her into the air spinning her around while pulling her dress up to reveal a red laced g-string. His hands were touching the soft skin of her behind while her hands ran wildly through his hair. He pulled away from the angel in front of him in order to set her down upon his bed. He did not hesitate to leap back on top of her and continue the rage they both were sharing. He began to make a trial of kisses from the very tip of her nose, down her neck towards her breasts. She started to pull at his shirt, removing it promptly. Her eyes laid feast on a beautiful body, toned with massive muscle. Her hands found his face pulling him back towards her face. She rolled over on top of him and tugged her dress off, throwing it clear across the room. She then reached up and unpinned her hair, letting fall in delicate soft curls around her heavenly face. Trunks looked up to see a very skinny body with only a red laced g-string and red bra left on straddling him. It was her turn to place a trail of kisses down his stomach. She paid special attention to each of his hard nipples, biting at them, sending a shock of pain and pleasure through Trunks' body. She rolled her tongue over his hard abdomen, trying to push him over the edge. She then reached the edge of his pants, and placed three soft kisses partly on the material and partly on his skin. She then slid her tongue under the rim of his pants, gliding it over his lower abdomen muscles. She couldn't help but want to taste more of him, and started to remove his pants, which had become a burden. She could feel that he had a major hard on through his pants, and couldn't wait to actually see him completely in the buff. She pulled each pant leg off teasingly slow until he was left only in his boxers. She reached to pull them off as well, but decided to have some fun with them on instead. She let her fingers slowly drop down to where he stood erect. Her hand encircled him gently, and she began to rub up and down as quick as she could. She then used her other hand to poke at the tip of his penis to help get him going more than he already was. She watched has he let his head fall back and a moan of pleasure come from within in his throat. She made her hands move quicker, and she felt him start to cum. She let go of him, causing him to look up at her questioningly. She gave a devilish smirk to him and pulled his boxers off. Then, she looked him straight in the eye.

"Sit up", she commanded, "and put your back to your backboard."

Trunks did as he was told, again giving her a questioning look. She walked around to the end of the bed so that she was now facing him, and got on top of the bed once again and crawled towards him. At her seductive site, Trunks began to get harder and harder. She crawled up to his mouth and placed a kiss on them, moving downwards ever so slowly. She retraced her steps over the harden abdomen, making her way back down to his penis. Finally reaching her goal, she took his penis within her small hands, and lowered her head towards the tip, sticking her tongue out in the process. She let her tongue caress the tip, licking up and drainage from before. He couldn’t believe this was happening before him, he wanted her hot mouth around him, and he could no longer wait. He grabbed her head, forcing her mouth down on him. She was shocked at first, but followed his lead, moving her mouth up and down with precision. She began to suck on him as if he was some sort of candy, awaiting the gooey surprise that the middle of the candy is always filled with. She let her tongue run the length of him while she moved her mouth all over him, not leaving any parts left un-pleasured. He felt his body respond to her touch, and he was about to climax. He once again grabbed her head, forcing her to take more of him in his mouth. After jamming her head on his penis, he came inside of her mouth, and forced her to sallow. She looked up at him, with cum dripping from the corner of her mouth and kissed him deeply. He could taste himself in her mouth, and now it was time to return the favor.

He rolled on top of her once again, and with no hesitation removed her bra. He went straight to her hard nipples and sucked at her, taking as much of her in his mouth as possible. He rolled her large nipple inside of his mouth using his tongue at all the right times and places. He then licked his way towards her other nipple repeating the process. She found herself reaching to touch herself as Trunks played with her in his mouth. She placed her fingers inside of her swollen vagina and began to pump them within herself, though it turned Trunks on, he reached for her hand and removed her fingers from her lower lips. He took her fingers into his mouth and sucked them forcefully. She almost had an orgasm from the feeling of his tongue between her wet fingers. Trunks could see that she was growing impatient, and wanted his mouth other places, so he returned back to the rest of her body. He kissed a soft trail down to the seal of her red laced g-string. He tore them off with force, spreading her legs at the same time. She was completely unsure of what this was going to feel like; after all she had never been with anyone before. He let his fingers dance along her bald vagina. His other hand reached for her as well. With one hand he opened her vagina and with the other he started to finger her. He first just rolled his fingers through her wetness, and brought it up to her mouth for her to taste herself. She opened her mouth willingly, taking part of herself in the process. He then shoved two of his large fingers within her as she cried out in pleasure. He began to pump his fingers as she had earlier, letting her to continue sucking on his finger, mimicking a blow job. He continued to shove his fingers deeper inside of her until he heard her scream out in pure pleasure. He pulled his fingers out of her, and let his tongue take over. He lowered his head to her, and began to suck on her intensely, sending waves that were never before experienced through her body. His tongue made it's way over her entire inside, not missing a drop of her sweet honey. Her legs squeezed around his head, entrapping him upon her vagina. Using more force he was able to reach new unfound areas of her insides. His tongue then danced over the area his fingers once found themselves and his tongued entered her in the very same way. His tongue raced in and out of her, causing her to arch her back and scream out moaning. He then pulled away from her, making sure she saw him lick his lips hungrily. He walked over to his desk and removed a condom from one of the drawers. He sat down on the bed next to her naked form and started to put on the condom, when she reached over and stopped him. He looked deep within her eyes for and answer, then looked down at his aching member.

"You don't want to go any further?"

"Silly, I want you inside of me, not that rubber. This is my first time, I want to feel everything how it was meant to be felt, that’s all."

He looked at her in disbelief, she was a virgin?! How was that possible? The though of taking something form her that she will never be able to replace pushed him over the edge, and he pounced on top of her, getting ready to penetrate her opening for the first time. She rolled so that she was bent down on top of him, sitting on his stomach. She reached for his hands and placed them firmly on her hips. She sat up and leaned back towards his knees. She took his penis in her hands and placed it at her opening. She started to rock back and forth on top of him, trying to break into herself gently. Trunks couldn't take anymore of her teasing, and pulled her down onto his enlarged member. She screamed out in pain from being entered for the first time, and tried to subsidize the pain. She was just sitting there with him in her, and Trunks wanted more, so he lifted her almost off of his penis and pulled her back down on him. He helped her pump in and out of herself until she got the hang of it. She then started to slowly hump him, wanting to feel him deeper inside of her. She moved uncontrollably on top of him in search of more pleasure, whimpering every now and then.

Trunks looked up to see her body humping his, with her breasts bouncing in the air. He removed his hands from her hips, and placed them on her breasts, rubbing the nipples in a swift motion. He felt that she was going to climax soon, so he rolled on top of her and began quickly thrusting in and out of her, to help her to her climax. When her climax hit, Trunks' wasn't far behind. They felt each other's liquids mixing together down their legs, and all over the bed sheets. Trunks went to pull out of her, but she wanted more. She pulled him back down into her and wrapped her legs around him, causing him to thrust into her harder, causing more pleasure. She began to rock with him to heighten both of their pleasures. Once again they both hit a climax, causing another rush of liquid. Trunks pulled out of her, and rolled her over so that she was face down on his bed. He then entered her vagina from behind, and he humped her harder than before. She reached up pulling his body down onto her back, and let Trunks continue his fine work. Trunks began to push harder and harder into her and she began to scream louder and louder. Both were getting bored with the current position, so Trunks exited her, and stood up at the edge of the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her towards his penis. He pulled her right on to his member and began thrusting into his best friend's girlfriend once more. She placed her legs upon his shoulders so he would have more access to her vaginal area. He heard her soft moans for him to go deeper inside of her, and of course he was a slave to her demands. He began to pump into her harder and deeper than every before, soft moans soon turned into loud screams on both of their parts. He felt himself grown harder inside of her once again, slamming into her one final time, both having the ultimate climax, with their juices pouring anywhere it could. He fell down on top of her, going limp inside of her. He picked her up, still within her, and laid both of them back down on his bed. They kissed each other as a thank you for the good night. They continued their soft kisses until Paresu spoke between their kisses.


"My lady…the pleasure … was…all..mine."

They continued kissing and touching each other in any way possible before falling fast asleep in each other's arms as scorned lovers for the rest of eternity.