Goten and Bra. My favorite "What If Couple". They just seem perfect for each other. Bra, the daugher of Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans. And Goten, the son of the thrid class warior, Kakarot. It's truly perfect. Vegeta would be in histaria, and Goku would probably be just happy for them. To be honest, I think I've almost read every Goten and Bra fic on the net! =) And I can't wait for more! *hint hint* If you don't like Goten and Bra, hopefully I can make a believer out of you! Not only are they both the second child, but they have both lead semi-ignored lives. Bra's partens are always busy either training or working in the lab, and Trunks...well Trunks is Trunks...=] Goten's father wasn't their for most of his life, and he always lives in Gohan's shadow. Chi-chi favors Gohan over Goten because of Gohan being a scholar, plus he is settled down with a family. Don't you argee that Goten and Bra deserve each other? I do!

I'm going to try to collect as many Goten and Bra fics, pics, ect. as I can, so hopefully one day I will be able to call this a mini shrine to the great what if couple!

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