Last Update: September 10, 2004

~*Updates & Info*~

September 10, 2004: Ok ok I know I did it again. I went a realllly long time with out updating. But I have a really good exuces this time! I promise! All of my current updates are on my laptop right now, and well I kind of broke it. Gomen-nassi. Hopefully I'll have it up and running in the next month or so, I'm just kind of short on cash to fix it. Once it is fixed I will have updates on my art and my fanfics I promise! But in the mean time, heres a tasty little treat direct from Ssjpanbra! Thats right a new fanfic! There are three chapters so far so check back shortly for more. Drop one of us a line and let us know what you think. Also anyone with any comments or ideas please feel free to email me at (note: there are TWO, yes TWO underscores between each word) Thanks for being paitent guys!

March 22, 2004: WOW! It's been over a year....time flies...I'm sorry I havent been around lately, Ive been really busy with school. I'm going to have some free time, so I will be making some updates to the site. See everyone soon!!!

January 14, 2003: I added the Prolog and the first four chapters to "When Angel's Wings Collide". I want to set up some kind of polls as a form of review for the stoies as well, hopefully I will get that done later. Buh-bye!

January 13, 2003: Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead. I was really really busy w/ my fist semester at UNLV. I'm on Christmas break now, and I dont have any of the files i need to update the site on this computer. I will be updateing soon w/ some new fan fics and some new fan art. So as soon as I can get to that computer i will update. Buh-bye!

September 3,2002:I added three new fanarts...thats about all for today..hopefully more updates by the end of the week.

August 27, 2002: Hey All!!! I just got into Las Vegas and I'm back online!!! YEAH! Updates will start happening real soon, I promise! Look for many new aditions in the near future! Drop me a line if you feel like it! Later!

July 11, 2002: I'm sorry, i know i haven't updated in a looooooooooooooooooong time, but i've been soooo busy...right now i'm in the process of moving across the cournty, so forgive me. I'm moving at the end of the month, so updates will start happening again soon....Again im sorry...

March 5, 2002: Not to much new...just put up some art in the Original Art Section. Thats about it... :)

February 7, 2002: A new year and some new art, but not fan art. I opened up an original art gallery of my own here:) (it's still under fan works though)I've been scanning some of my art, both fan art and original, so that will be up shortly here...i have some free time this weekend so look for a update real soon.

December 01,2001: I put up two new art's today :) I've been drawing alot lately...hehhe I'm working on getting some fics posted later tonight too, sooo look for that :) Later ~Gia

November 27,2001: Today I put up a bunch of new art, and I aslo updated the thumbnails. Please check it out. :) Other than that, I'm working on the next chapter to "When Angel Wings Collide", and "The World she Never Knew", so keep a look out for that. Umm..that's about it.

November 4, 2001: Well today I have come to the conclusion of a major decision for my web site.I've been trying to make my mind up on this for a looooooong time. And I've decided to go ahead with my idea.(No, I'm not closing the site:P) When I first started watching Dragon Ball, I started to write a fic, it sooned turned into a AU fic because I didnt know that much about each character. And as this story line continued on in my head, it turned into its own little saga. I've decided to start posting that fic here. I'm going to be making some changes becasue I know more now than I did back then, so its going to take a while to post. Also, I'm going to put up Character bios for this fic becasue it has a ton of original characters. I haven't come up with a name for this fic yet, but it takes place after Dragon Ball Gt, so untill I recieve or come up with a good name, I will just call it Dragon Ball Gt: The Hereafter. (If anyone has any good ideas for a name email me with it) I'm really excited about this because this has my own characters and this will be the first time this fic is on the web ^-^ So look for that soon!!! Also I want to get a message board started, so if anyone has any questions/comments they can just post them there. Hope to get that up with the next few days, if not today. I'm going to be trying to get as much updated in a short period of time as i possibly can. Thats going to be hard though because I'm starting Basketball next week,and I have one of the leads in our school's play. But I promsie to try my hardest to get these things done. Thanks~ Gia

September 28, 2001: I put up some new art today, and worked on the fanfics area. That's about it.

Sepetember 19, 2001: First off, I would like to express how pissed I am at what happened on the 11. That really was a terrible thing. Secondly, I GOT MY INTERNET BACK!!!!! YAH!! Updates shall now be comming alot more frequently and I am really sorry its taking me a while with The Adoption Center and The Awards. Without my internet it was to hard to get them to people. So if you requested an award/adopiton be expecting them shortly. Thanks :)

August 28, 2001: Ok heres the deal. There aren't going to be many updateds for a while.The only updates are going to come from my friends'computer so its going to be a while. If you requested any art or adoptions, PLEASE be patient. I am working on them, the only problem is getting them online, but I can do that from Leanne's pcu. So please please dont hate me for being sooooo slow..... =( Im really really sorry. But please still fill free to email me for waht so ever. Thanks.

July 26, 2001: Today I opened up the Adoption Center :) YEAH! And i also added a email form so it will now be easier when applying for site awards...umm...thats about all...Be sure to check out the adoption center! l8ter!

July 24,2001:

Hey all, Sorry I haven't update...but i kinda lost my password to log into the site....^-^ Gomen I wont let it happen again. Plus I just had knee surgery, and im going to be having more real soo like the 30th of this month. So updates are going to be happening often seeing how i wont be able to walk.

Another thing I want to bring up is, I just found out that some Netscape Browsers might not display this site right. I know the update box doesn't come up on my Netscape Browser...sorry about that.. I just had to switch to Netscape because my Internet Explorer wasnt working right.

I have some new art. And new stories :) Plus I'm getting alot of requests to finish my story "The World She Never Knew" so look for that update coming real soon. Thats about all I have to say now. So thanks for being paitent. ~V꣰

June 20, 2001:

Just to let everyone know, I'm not dead. I have been updating a little, just didn't update the update box..funny ne? Well there are a few new fanarts by none other than my self. Lol. I wish someone would send me some art or stories! *hint hint*

May 15, 2001:

Today I am happy to annoucne that I will be adding a partner!!!! Nkְ will be working here from now on so say Hiya!!! =) I'm going to put a page for her art and writing. (She really isn't into Anime to much, but her writing is BEAUTIFUL!! and i love her art as well!!!) Sooo if ya get time! Tell Nkְ Konnichiwa here!

April 23, 2001:

Major update, ne? New layout. I wanted to change the old lay out because I felt that it was holding the page back. I feel this will be a more interactive way of running this page! I will be doing a lot of updateing in the next week. So I am asking you to please bare with me. =)


Last Update: September 10, 2004